C6 Vented Front License Plate Bracket

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RPM Composites’ C6 Front License Plate Bracket offers a normal front license plate mounting location without interfering with the direct air flow to the cooling system (radiator) of your C6.

The C6 Front License Plate Bracket is a molded two piece design. It consists of a main backing plate shaped to fit against the center, double angled nose of the C6. It also uses a flat, rectangular composite front plate that is bonded to the main backing plate. The front plate provides the mounting location for your license plate.

Back Side of Bracket. Shows
foam strips and cooling ducts.

The C6 Front License Plate Bracket mounts in a low position with its contact point being on the exterior edges of both the top and bottom bumper surfaces. Both contact points of the License Plate Bracket are equipped with scratch less, low-density, formfitting foam.



Bracket mounts to grille with
quick-release cable ties.

The License Plate Bracket mounts simply to the front of your C6 with quick-release plastic cable ties. The quick-release cable ties mount from the License Plate Bracket to the center louver of the radiator grille. The cable tie mounting is solid, secure, and clean with no “figure-eight” twisting. When mounted, the License Plate Bracket has a solid, snug feel and is not affected by direct wind current or high speed.



RPM Composite Corvette License Bracket

The main feature of the C6 Composite Front License Plate Bracket is its two piece design. The backing plate of the bracket offers a tapered angle from the top to bottom. This angle creates a gap between the license plate and the backing plate, allowing air to flow up, under and through the bracket air duct into the C6 radiator.



The C6 Composite Front License Plate Bracket is a functional product, allowing you to legally run your front license plate simultaneously maintaining a clean, tasteful and aggressive look to the front of your C6.

A must have item for the C6 owner!

Price: $169.00
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